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Here’s why Everyone Needs the AnySharp Twist!

The unique, AnySharp Twist knife sharpener uses tungsten carbide technology to extend the life of almost any knife. AnySharp works on virtually any knife. Including expensive hardened steel knives, chef’s knives and even serrated blades. Making it unlike any knife sharpener, sharpening steel or sharpening stone you’ve ever used. Secured on any smooth, hard surface with a PowerGrip suction cup. AnySharp Twist allows you to sharpen your knives with total hands free safety.

The AnySharp uses tungsten carbide technology to extend the life of almost any knife. AnySharp works on virtually any knife, including expensive hardened steel knives. AnySharp even works with serrated blades, making it unlike any knife sharpener, steel or sharpening stone you’ve ever used. The optimum angle to sharpen a good quality steel knife is 20 degrees. AnySharp is pre-set at 20 degrees to give an optimum edge every time. Getting a consistent angle with a sharpening stone is a skilled job. But AnySharp allows anyone to get professional results without any training at all.

The AnySharp’s safety feature is its PowerGrip suction cup base. Which attaches securely to any smooth surface or worktop without the need for any tools. Once it’s attached you can sharpen any knife safely hands free. When your whole knife has been run through, your knife edge may touch as it exits the sharpening tools.

The AnySharp has a long-lasting polymer guiding top that is softer than metal.

And therefore won’t damage the metal edge, making it safe for your knives too. With a totally blunt knife, AnySharp will hone it to an optimal angle. And remove excess metal rapidly the first time you use it. AnySharp does not work well with heavy strokes or too much pressure.

Since it is so small and light, AnySharp can be easily tidied away in a drawer, cupboard, or tool box when not needed. AnySharp is small enough to store in your kitchen drawer. You could even PowerGrip it to your fridge or tiled kitchen wall, out of the way yet handy when you need it.

I don’t know about you, but we always seem to be buying knife sharpeners and then giving up on them because they don’t work or because they are too complicated to use. This one is different. I found it really easy to secure to my work top and to sharpen all my knives. It even did my serrated bread knife which is usually a great problem. We have granite work surfaces and this sharpener gripped the work surface extremely well.

You simply put the sharpener on the worktop and twist until it grips firmly.

Pull the knives through in the direction indicated in the instructions and you have a well sharpened knife. Most of my knives have straight blades, but I also ran my bread knife through it and it has sharpened that too. I particularly like the fact that your hands are nowhere near the blade of the knife when you are using the sharpener. On a separate note, I would recommend washing knives immediately after sharpening unless you want to eat metal filings – I’m always surprised when people sharpen a knife and then use it to chop food immediately after.

­You can buy the AnySharp Twist knife sharpener here and if you fancy winning one for yourself, just enter via the rafflecopter below. We have 3 to giveaway, Good luck!

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